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Preventive Maintenance

  • If possible, select a color appropriate to traffic areas and local soil conditions
  • Prevent soils from entering the building by placing mats at all entrances

Daily Maintenance
  • Proper vacuuming is the most important step in a maintenance program, as it can remove 80-85% of dry soil on a daily basis
  • Immediate action against spots and spills will reduce the probability of a permanent stain

Interim/Restorative Cleaning
  • Periodically scheduled intensive cleanings (i.e. - extraction) will remove accumulated soil not removed by regular vacuuming and spot removal. Low moisture cleaning methods can be utilized to prolong the need for restorative extraction cleanings, however, they must be done fairly frequently to be effective. The frequency of interim and restorative cleanings required will depend on many variables, such as traffic levels and the use of the facility.

Natural Stone

Preventative Maintenance
  • Prevent soils from entering the building with mats placed at all entrances. This will prevent many scratches from happening.

Daily Maintenance
  • Dust mop once per day. Depending on traffic levels, you may need to dust mop more frequently.
  • Damp mop 2-3 times per week, as a general rule. Frequencies will vary depending on traffic levels and building environment. Interim/Restorative Cleanings
  • Periodically scheduled intensive cleanings (i.e.- crystallization, diamond polishing) will remove scratches and etches and maintain the desired gloss level that dust and damp mopping won't.

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